Best Portable Air Conditioner for Garage

Best Portable Air Conditioner for Garage - Guide and Reviews


​During the warm seasons, there are things we do to regulate the heat around both in the environment we live in and also our own bodies. However, the kind of methods we apply depends on so many things. For instance, when we are at the garage, the best way to regulate the temperatures is by using air conditioners. Therefore, in this article, we shall aim at reviewing some of the best portable air conditioners for the garage.

​​5 Best Portable Air Conditioner for Garage



Capacity (BTU) 

Editor Rating


Whynter ARC-142BX 1400 BTU portable air conditioner

Whynter ARC-142BX Portable Air Conditioner


Haier portable air conditioner

Haier Portable Air Conditioner 10,000 BTU Heater | HPF12XHM-LP


8,000 BTU portable air conditioner

8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Dehumidifier Cooling A/C Unit Function Remote


Wonenice portable fan and mini air conditioner

Wonenice Portable Fan and Mini Air Conditioner

Global air 10,000 BTU Portable air conditioner Cooling Fan with Remote Control in white

Global air 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Cooling /Fan


What are some of the Best Portable Air Conditioners For Garage?

​Having discussed what factors to look for in a good portable air conditioner and some of the advantages of a good air conditioner, it is time now to look at some of the best portable air conditioners for garage out there in the market currently. Without any particular order, the top five are reviewed below;

Whynter ARC-142BX 1400 BTU portable air conditioner

Editor Rating:

​This portable air conditioner is not only CFC-free, lead-free but also energy efficient. Some of its pros and cons are discussed below;



​The air conditioning product named above is known for its efficiency as it provides a 14,000 BTU cooling output. This enhances its function of providing you with the cool air you need while at work.

​Has enhanced special features

lf-evaporating technology. This allows it to recycle the moisture that was collected during the cooling process.

​It also has the auto-restart function that enables it to use the previous settings that it was using before in the case of a power loss. Aside from that, the conditioner can be programmed to turn on and off depending on the time of the day. Finally, the product has a dehumidifying mode that enables it to work as a dehumidifier at specific times.


Not cost effective

​​​With all those features that the product possesses, it is not cheap to acquire it.

Haier portable air conditioner

Editor Rating:

​The portable air conditioner has other special features like seAnother type of portable air conditioner is the Haier heat/cool 12,000-BTU air conditioner. Some of its pros and cons are discussed below;


Enhances versatility

​The product comes with both heating and cooling options. Featuring three heating, three cooling settings, and three fan settings, the product gives you the versatility that you so much need.

Has improved features

​The product has a twenty-four hour on and off timer that functions automatically. With it also comes the dehumidifying mode that helps dehumidify the air during the hot seasons.


​If the product is not properly maintained, it is bound to break down or start releasing toxic substances into the air that you breathe thereby causing health issues.

8,000 BTU portable air conditioner

Editor Rating:

This product also has a dehumidifier cooling A/C unit with a remote function some of its pros and cons are discussed below;

High cooling power

​​Depending on the size of your garage, the air conditioner can be able to cool up to 300 sq. feet. With this, you can go about your duties with the guarantee that your garage will have cool air to breathe.

Even distribution of air

​The product has 2-way air direction that enables it to evenly distribute the air around the garage..For this to be also possible, the product has digital controls that provide exact temperature changes needed in the garage.

Uses remote control

​With its ability to embrace the use of remotes, it gives you the power to regulate and control the air condition from across the room. This makes your work even easier.

​In addition to those above discussed advantages, the product is also eco-friendly as it uses no ozone-damaging refrigerants and uses chemicals that are not harmful.


​​​​​Despite its good features, the air conditioner is able to serve a limited space. If you have a big garage, you might have to consider purchasing several of them for them to completely serve your garage properly.

Wonenice portable fan and mini air conditioner

Editor Rating:

​This is a cheap air conditioner that runs on either batteries or USB gray. This is kept at specific places in your garage depending on the need. It is highly portable and can be effective when used to regulate the temperature of a small area. Some of its pros and cons are discussed below;

Provides more efficiency

​There are places that the services of a big air conditioner might not reach and in that case, you will be forced to employ the services of a mini computer.

​For example, since this product is fully portable and runs on batteries, you can use it anywhere in the garage like underneath cars during repair. It provides you with clean air even where the air might be stuffy.

has advanced features

​This product can stand by itself as long as it is placed on a flat surface. It also has variable power controls and leather straps that can be short, the product is user-friendly.


​​​​The product is subject to failure if not provided with batteries. It has no special features like the use of remote or self-adjusting timers. This leaves you with all the manual work of trying to figure out how it best works.

Global air portable air conditioner

Editor Rating:

This product uses 10,000 BTU and also comes with a remote control. Some of its pros and cons are discussed below;

Accurate temperature adjustments

​​The global air portable air conditioner provides digital controls that aids in adjusting temperature levels to precise levels.

​This ensures that the air around you is always safe to use and the temperatures are at a level that you can comfortably work under.

Self-evaporative system

​With this kind of feature, the product does not require the use of a water tank as the water that has condensed is recycled. This gives the air conditioner to provide more efficiency thereby giving you the confidence to work in your garage without the fear of water flowing over the conditioner’s tank.

Over-cold protection

​The product is also capable of providing the over-cold protection. It achieves this by using its three-minute delay function. This saves you on extra repair costs that may have been incurred.


​​​​​​Though the product might have features like the remote controls that help you regulate it from across your garage, the air conditioner might not be able to supply your entire garage with fresh air if it is not properly maintained. Just like some of the products that we have already reviewed above. It also lacks important features like the automatic on and off feature leaving you with a lot of work to do in terms of its regulation.

What to look for when buying a portable air conditioner?

​In the event that you may need to purchase portable air conditioners for your garage, there are some things that you may need to know and well worth considering. Some of those factors are discussed below;

Knowing your BTU requirements

​BTU which stands for British Thermal Units refers to the power of the air conditioner. For you to achieve more cooling effects, the BTU should be higher. The room space of your garage will also be a determining factor to which air conditioner you will need.


​A good air conditioner should have wheels that are sturdy and durable so that it can endure the test of it being pushed from room to room and also when being lifted to be taken somewhere else when the need arises.

Air flow

​The air conditioner to be purchased should have the ability to circulate air efficiently. You are advised to look for oscillating units and with adjustable airflow control for good airflow to be achieved.

Noise levels.

​It is important to note the noise levels of each air conditioner before purchasing one. Some can be deafening and may cause health issues like hearing impairment.

How the conditioner is controlled?

​Some portable air conditioners are controlled using either remote controls or digital controls. You are however advised to purchase those with remote controls as they are more convenient as they allow you to operate them without necessarily having to move from where you are. On the other hand, if you only need a simple air conditioner, you can opt for those with simpler digital settings.

The energy efficiency ratio

​This is achieved by dividing the BTU of the air conditioner by the wattage needed for effective cooling. You are advised to purchase air conditioners with higher energy efficiency ratio as they are not only efficient but also uses less electricity power.

What are some of the advantages of using portable air conditioners for the garage?

​There are many advantages that may give you a reason to consider purchasing portable air conditioners for your garage. Some of those advantages are discussed below;

Provides a cooling effect

​Working in a garage can be a difficult place to work in especially when the air is warm and humid. It is for that reason that a portable air conditioner is needed to provide the cooling effect. In addition to that, portable air conditioners can also help in dehumidifying the air.


​With wheels fitted on them, it is of more advantage to use these portable air conditioners especially if you are a garage owner. Aside from that, they have light weight as compared to the other non-portable air conditioners.

Can be afforded

​Compared to traditional ones, portable air conditioners are cost effective making them more affordable. In addition to that, they are very efficient meaning they can save you on extra expenses as it uses just about the exact amount of electricity power it needs.

Are more convenient

​Portable air conditioners are more convenient as they come with good features like air purifiers, fan speed, self-timers and even remote controls. These conditioners can simply work all by themselves.

What maintenance does the portable air conditioners for garage need?

​As the conditioners use some of the latest technology, they tend to require less maintenance. However, it is important to note that they still need light maintenance like periodically emptying the water that has collected in the bucket from the conditioner. Also, the air filters of the conditioner should be regularly cleaned or replaced when need be.

What are the safety measures when handling a portable air conditioner for garages?

Much as they are portable, the air conditioners might need good placing for you to achieve maximum efficiency from them. They should be placed at places where they can comfortably pass heat to the outside. They should also be installed with venting kits.


There are very many portable air conditioners on the market today. In that case, there are a lot of things that you might have to consider before purchasing one. Some of those factors include the air conditioner’s noise levels, its energy efficiency ratio and its portability. There are also many advantages that come with them. For example, they are affordable. More convenient and are portable.

It is very difficult to at one look choose the best air conditioner. But basing on the discussion above, the clear winner of the best portable air conditioner for a garage is the Haier portable air conditioner. The product clearly beats the rest with its versatility. With it comes both three heating and cooling settings and on top of that, it also provides fan settings. Though it may be slightly expensive, when you acquire it, you would have solved three problems at a go. Moreover, the conditioner is easy to install and use. Above all, the most important thing to do before purchasing a portable air conditioner for your garage is to have more information about them.

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