Honeywell MM14CCS Review

Summer is here, and it is officially hot outside! While it’s fun to go outside and enjoy everything that summer has to offer, it’s nice to know that, no matter how much of a sweat you work up, you have a nice, cool home to come back to. But what if your air conditioner isn’t up to the task? Do you have an A/C that just seems to need a little help? Do you have a room that just never seems to get as cold as you’ want it to? In cases like this, a portable A/C unit is a solution worth considering. There are many portable A/C units on the market, but one that is definitely worth considering is the Honeywell MM14CCS. This unit comes packed with features that help to ensure your comfort and satisfaction, no matter how hot it gets outside.

Honeywell MM14CCS

Features of the Honeywell MM14CCS Portable Air Conditioner

Three-in-one functionality

It might call itself an air conditioner, but it’s really so much more. As an air conditioner, this unit can effectively cool down rooms as large as 700 sq. ft, which means that there’s every chance this A/C is perfect for whatever space you have in mind. It also features a dehumidifier, and -- as anyone in a hot climate will tell you, getting moisture out of the air is just as important, if not more, than bringing the temperature down. The MM14CCs can pull out up to 86 pints of water from the surrounding atmosphere each and every day, which will go a long way towards keeping you cool. Finally, this unit comes with a fan-only setting for those times when you just want to move the air around a little. However you need to use it, this unit has a function that meets your needs.

Set it . . . and then forget it!

This unit is fully programmable. The easy-to-read front-facing control panel makes it simple to set the temperature and other settings you want. The included remote control makes it easy to adjust without having to leave the couch, if you change your mind later. And the reliability of this unit means that once you have it set how you like it, you’re not going to have to worry about it again.

Quiet as a whisper

The MM14CCS is rated to run at 55 decibels. If that number doesn’t mean that much to you, then consider that a quiet street is rated at 50, and a normal conversation is around 60. In other words, this unit is quiet, and will never interrupt your own conversations, the movie you’re watching or the peace and quiet you’re looking for when you just want to lie down and rest for a few.

No bucket = less hassle

When people think of portable A/C units, they usually assume that a lot of work will be involved at some point. Because so much of air conditioning involves pulling moisture out of the air, there’s a bucket that fills up with that water, and needs to be dumped out from time to time. However, this is not the case with the Honeywell MM14CCS. It’s special self-evaporating design means that most moisture is leached out of the air and then dealt with, so you don’t ever have to worry about. NOTE: In areas of high humidity you may still have to drain the unit every so often, but it’s nothing compared to the older bucket designed that require constant attention.

Customizable programming

Equipped with the three-in-one feature mentioned above, this unit already gives you choices on what works best for your comfort. Add to that, though, the fact this unit also comes with several speed settings and a timer, and you have a unit that basically can work just about however you want it to work. No matter what you need, the MM14CCS can adapt to suit your desires.


  • Three-in-one functionality: air conditioner, dehumidifier, fan
  • thumbs-o-up
    Can pull up to 86 pints of moisture per day from the surrounding air
  • thumbs-o-up
    No-bucket design for less hassle
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    Three speed settings and a timer for perfect adaptability
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    Front-facing feather-touch control panel and remote control for ease of programming.
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    Quiet operation will never fill your room with noise


  • Weighs 80 pounds, so moving it from room to room is not exactly easy for everyone
  • thumbs-o-down
    Some users report that the heat rejection hose is prone to ripping 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does this work with with a standard electrical outlet?

A. Yes, but it should be the only thing on that circuit. Even something small, like a computer, plugged in at the same time could trip the circuit.

Q.​ Does the remote work well, and does it show the temperature?

A. Yes and yes. The remote can work from just about anywhere in the room, and it has a display with the temperature and other settings on it.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a portable A/C unit to help beat the heat this summer, the Honeywell MM14CCS is a unit worth checking out. With a multitude of features designed to keep you comfortable without getting in the way of your lifestyle, this unit offers the perfect blend of both form and function.

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